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The Compassionate Heart of the Awakened Mind

Bodhichitta, precious and sublime:

May it arise in those in whom it has not arisen,

May it never decline where it has arisen,

But go on increasing further and further.


Facilitated Visits 

We rejoice that we may again offer structured and facilitated visits to the Centre. In order to attend, please write to kathoktours@gmail.com  for further information and to book. No drop ins please! The visits will be limited to groups of 10. You will be asked to wear a mask. You will meditatively progress through the gardens viewing some of the features, such as the Tara Shrine and Ksithigarbha statue and come to the Golden Shrine for some moments of meditation. There is no fee, but you will have an opportunity to make offerings to turn the prayer wheels, offer a lamp in the Butterlamp House and/or make a wish in the wishing garden. The gift shop will be opened as well. All of your offerings go to the operations of the Centre. This is an opportunity to experience a peaceful, spiritual time out of the cares of this world and to learn some basics of the Vajrayana Nyingma lineage or to extend your knowledge of it. All are welcome.

Current tour schedule will be as follows:

Monday afternoons 1pm

Saturday afternoon 1pm




Small Note: We appreciate the generosity of those who wish to make offerings or bring items to the Centre, however, if there is something that you may wish to offer please email ahead of time and describe what it is so that the Lamas may make a decision about whether it is something useful at the Centre. Please do not bring items to the gate. Thank you for your understanding!



Rejoicing in the Installation of the Sixteen Stupas!

Buddha Nature

"May all the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas behold me with grace, I rejoice in the fulfillment of the Two Accumulations of merit and wisdom. All the virtues gathered in the three times, I offer them all to the Three Jewels. May the Buddhadharma flourish, I dedicate this virtue to all sentient beings.May sentient beings attain Buddhahood. And may all such virtue gather together, And ripen in my mindstream, To purify the two obscurations and perfect the accumulations. May long life, health as well as practice and realization increase, May I attain the Tenth Bhumi in this lifetime. At the very moment when we leave this life, May we be reborn in Sukhavati. Once we are born there, may the lotus bloom, And may we attain Buddhahood with that form. Upon attaining Buddhahood and until Samsara or cyclic existence ends, May we manifest in various emanations to guide and benefit all sentient beings. Samaya Gya Gya Gya" This prayer is from the Terma of Tulku Migyer Dorje


Stupa BaseStupa Detail




Pure love

June 2022

Mon, June 6, 2022 to Thu, June 30, 2022
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Goat and Sheep Life Release

From Kathok Shedrup Ling: We are happy to announce that we are fundraising to save more goats and sheep. The day of the life-release has not yet been determined but we hope to do it some time next month, in June 2022.


The goats (and possibly sheep) that we will purchase will be saved from brutal, painful, and certain death. After they are saved, these animals will go on to live peaceful and happy lives, eating grass and vegetation to prevent California wildfires. They will be cared for by the wonderful family and folks of Goats R Us, and together with their goat and sheep friends and family, they will live out their lives in freedom, grazing on the beautiful rolling California hills. Please give if you can. Donation info is below.


We want to thank everyone deeply from our hearts. It is only because of your kindness and generosity that releases such as this are possible. To date, we have saved 3,273 animals together! Thank you so much, truly, for helping to save these sweet innocent beings.

 Goats Released


Benefits of Saving Lives

by Chatral Rinpoche


I bow down before the Lama, Buddha Amitāyus,

And the bodhisattvas in training.

I shall now in brief describe the benefits

Of freeing animals and ransoming their lives.

To save animals from slaughter or any mortal danger,

With entirely pure motivation and conduct,

Is without doubt a practice to be taken up

By all followers of the Buddha Śākyamuni.

Many are the sūtras, tantras and commentaries

Which describe in detail the advantages it brings,

And countless learned and accomplished masters of India and Tibet

Have stressed the value and importance of benefitting beings.

Even in the basic vehicle one avoids inflicting harm on others.

In the mahāyāna this is the very training of a bodhisattva,

And in the secret mantra, a principal samaya of the ratna family.

The reasoning behind this is as follows: in this world,

Nothing is as dear to someone as his or her own life,

So there is no greater crime than taking life away,

And no conditioned virtue brings greater merit

Than the act of saving beings and ransoming their lives.

Therefore, should you wish for happiness and good,

Exert yourself in this, the most supreme of paths,

Which is proven through scriptures and through reasoning,

And is free of obstacles and potential dangers.

Consider your own body, and, with this as an example,

Avoid doing anything that might bring harm to others.

Make every effort not to kill any living creature—

Birds, fish, deer, cattle and even tiny insects—

And strive instead to save their lives,

Offering them protection from every fear.

The benefit of doing so is beyond imagining.

This is the best practice for your own longevity,

And the greatest ritual for the living or deceased.

It is my main practice of benefitting others.

It dispels all external and internal adversity and obstacles;

Effortlessly and spontaneously, it brings favourable conditions;

And, when inspired by the noble mind of bodhicitta and

Completed with dedication and pure aspiration prayers,

It will lead one to complete enlightenment,

And the accomplishment of one’s own and others’ welfare—

Of this you need have no doubts at all!

Those whose minds incline to virtue and acts of merit

Should prohibit hunting and fishing on their land.

Some birds, in particular, such as geese and cranes,

Are impelled by their karma to migrate

And fly south in autumn, north in spring.

At times, weary from the efforts of their flight,

Or having lost their way, some are forced to land,

Distressed, afraid and anxious; when this happens,

You should not throw stones or shoot at them,

Nor try to kill them or do them any harm.

Protect them so they may easily fly once more.

To offer care and affection to sentient beings

In desperate situations who lack protection

Brings just as much merit as the meditation

On emptiness with compassion as its core—

So it has been said by glorious Lord Atiśa.

Lamas, officials, monks, nuns, men and women,

In all the places over which you have control,

Exert every influence and do all within your power

To release animals and ransom their lives,

While encouraging others to do the same.

In all those places where this is done,

Sickness among people and livestock will cease,

Harvests will be plentiful and life will be long.

All will enjoy happiness and wellbeing in abundance,

And at death let go of deluded experience,

Before finding an excellent rebirth within the higher realms.

Ultimately, there is no doubt that this will lead one easily

To find the supreme and perfect state of awakening.

In response to the request of Doctor Dordrak,

Who offered a pure silk scarf and a hundred Nepali rupees,

The one called Chatral Sangye Dorje,

Who strives continuously to ransom lives,

Wrote down spontaneously whatever came to mind.

By the merit of this may all sentient beings

Come to practise enlightened actions!


Mamakoling samanta!


| Translated by Adam Pearcey, 2005.


Donation Information

1. PayPal  from a bank account "send money to friends and family" to kathokshedrupling1@gmail.com 

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(best for large donations)

2. PayPal by credit card to kathokshedrupling1@gmail.com  

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4. Mail a Check written to "Kathok Shedrup Ling" with the memo: "goat release 2022” to:

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     2664 Simas Ave.

     Pinole, CA 94564-1214

    *mailing a check is also good for large donations

4. Bank wire transfer: email isisminghao@gmail.com for instructions

Kathok Shedrup Ling, Venerable Lingtrul Rinpoche’s non-profit organization, is a California 501(c)(3) religious non-profit so all donations from the United States are tax-deductible.


Thu, June 9, 2022

Guru Rinpoche Day

On the tenth day of the fourth month, the horse month, when the demonic ministers of Oddiyana seek to burn him and his consort alive, he transforms the pyre into a lake, and they both appear on a lotus blossom, miraculously shimmering in majesty. Inspiring faith in all, he ripens and liberates the entire kingdom by bestowing the Kadu Chokyi Gyatso teachings. This is when he is known as Guru Padma Vajra Tsal.

Tue, June 14, 2022

Saga Dawa Duchen

Buddha's birth, enlightenment and paranirvana all fall in Saga Dawa. This makes the whole month a special time to practice.

Thu, June 23, 2022

Dakini Day

A day to connect with feminine energy, practice on female deities is encouraged.

Mon, June 27, 2022

Anniversary of Jamgon Mipham Rinpoche

A powerful day for the Nyingma tradition.

Through the blessings of the youthful Manjushri,/ The union of awareness and emptiness,/ You released the eight brilliant treasures./ Master of an ocean of treasure-like teachings of the Dharma in both transmission and realization - / To you, Mipham Rinpoche, Manjushri in person, I pray!

July 2022

There are no scheduled events to show.

Teaching from Karzang Rinpoche

Please click on the title below to find a beautiful teaching from Karzang Rinpoche on the power of spiritual example:

Reflections on Vairocana's Doha


Temple Etiquette

To help us all enjoy of the sacredness of Kathok Centre the main temple is only to be accessed during scheduled practices.

Please leave pets at home.

Please observe all signs, rules and guide lines while on the Temple property as there are Teachers in residence and students in retreat. ​You may take photos outside, but please, no photos inside Temples.

Thank you, everyone, for honoring our sacred space.

Notes for Newcomers

In order to observe proper conduct please remove shoes and hats before entering the Temples.

Please wear respectful clothing. 

It is considered bad luck to greet the Deity empty handed, so for the most beneficial and opportune visit you can offer fresh flowers or a 'kata' (white silk scarf available in the temple & gift shop) as you make positive aspirations for yourself and/or others.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for all practices. The gate will be locked during practice sessions.

Open Meditation sessions are one hr. Most other practices do not necessarily have a determinate end time. 

Please keep recitation texts on a table (not on the floor).

Please keep talking to a minimum.

Please do not point your feet at the Buddhas or other sacred objects in the Temples.

If you are not comfortable sitting on cushions please sit on the benches available or bring your own folding chair.

Please put your cell phone in airplane mode and no photos inside Temples.

Please do not bring dogs to the Centre. 

The purpose of Kathok Centre is to help us all become healthier in mind, heart and body. To best facilitate this please keep your mind and body free of intoxicants including alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. If you are intoxicated or behaving disrespectfully you will be asked to leave.

Please enjoy your quiet, sacred times at the Temple!