Kathok Centre Events

IMPORTANT: Due to current health advisories, the Centre has suspended all activities until further notice. This includes all practices, open shrine events and work bees.

Please check website frequently for possible updates and/or cancellations.

May all beings be well!


I would like to take this opportunity to convey my most sincere greetings and congratulations! It seems that people’s lives may now gradually return to normal. The haze of the epidemic is slowly dissipating.  That is an incredibly good sign. Be happy!

However, I personally feel that now we should be more cautious and more careful then ever. Respond positively to the advice of the health system, be responsible for ourselves,  and also be responsible for society until the virus is completely gone and we may return to normal. Keep  faith, keep cautiousness, keep mindfulness-the Kathok  Centre will be open at the right time. Thank you for your understanding.

Karzang Rinpoche, Spiritual Director

Pure love

August 2020

Fri, August 14, 2020

Dakini Day

Home practice on the female deities, such as Arya Tara, is recommended.

Wed, August 19, 2020

Parinirvana of Khenchen Panchen Dawa

Khenchen Panchen Dawa was one of the influential teachers of our own teachers, H.E. Lingtrul Rinpoche and Tulku Karzang Rinpoche.  He entered the monastery at Traling in Golok, Tibet at the age of 16 and in spite of many obstacles, changes and sufferings, he dedicated his entire life to spirituality, maintaining stainless samaya.  In his later years he acted as  the Abbott of Traling Monastery. He accepted only a few select and advanced students. In spite of his high realization, he continuously manifested a humble attitude and always referred to himself as the worst student of a perfect lineage. He is an excellent example of diligence and devotion. He continues to be a spiritual icon and model for his disciples. Khenpo Panchen Dawa attained parinirvana in 2015.

Fri, August 28, 2020

Guru Rinpoche Day (Tse Chu)

On the tenth day of the  seventh month of the Tibetan lunar calendar we commemorate the event in the life of  Guru Rinpoche when the non-Buddhists of Tamradvipa threw him into the river Ganges. Rising from the waters, he reversed the flow of the river, and performed a Vajra dance in the sky. This inspired the non-Buddhists who began to follow the Dharma. He is known as Guru Khading Tsel, "the Guru Who Flies Like a Garuda."

September 2020

Wed, September 2, 2020

Full Moon

All energies are intensified at the time of the full moon. A beneficial time to practice!

Sat, September 12, 2020

Dakini Day

Home practice on the female deities is recommended.

Sat, September 26, 2020

Guru Rinpoche Day (Tse Chu)

On the 10th day of the 8th month of the Tibetan lunar calendar, we remember the miraculous deed of Guru Rinpoche whereby he transformed the poison that the non Buddhists attempted to give him into amrita (nectar). He became luminous and inspired faith in the non-Buddhists. Thus, he became known as Guru Nyima Ozer, "the Sun-Ray Guru."

Temple Etiquette

To help us all enjoy of the sacredness of Kathok Centre the main temple is only to be accessed during scheduled practices.

Please observe all signs, rules and guide lines while on the Temple property as there are Teachers in residence and students in retreat. ​You may take photos outside, but please, no photos inside Temples.

Thank you, everyone, for honoring our sacred space.

Notes for Newcomers

In order to observe proper conduct please remove shoes and hats before entering the Temples.

Please wear respectful clothing. 

It is considered bad luck to greet the Deity empty handed, so for the most beneficial and opportune visit you can offer fresh flowers or a 'kata' (white silk scarf available in the temple & gift shop) as you make positive aspirations for yourself and/or others.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for all practices. The gate will be locked during practice sessions.

Open Meditation sessions are one hr. Most other practices do not necessarily have a determinate end time. 

Please keep recitation texts on a table (not on the floor).

Please keep talking to a minimum.

Please do not point your feet at the Buddhas or other sacred objects in the Temples.

If you are not comfortable sitting on cushions please sit on the benches available or bring your own folding chair.

Please put your cell phone in airplane mode and no photos inside Temples.

All visiting dogs must stay in car park area and on leash.

The purpose of Kathok Centre is to help us all become healthier in mind, heart and body. To best facilitate this please keep your mind and body free of intoxicants including alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. If you are intoxicated or behaving disrespectfully you will be asked to leave.

Please enjoy your quiet, sacred times at the Temple!