About Kathok Centre

In order to benefit all who are inspired to learn about the  profound Longchen Nyingthig Dzogpa Chenpo tradition the Kathok Centre, located in Qualicum Beach/Coombs, British Columbia, was established through the compassion and inspiration of  His Eminence, Lingtrul Rinpoche, the Tulku of the Precious Ling Lama, Chogye Dorje, the founder of Traling Monastery in Golok, Tibet.

It continues under the guidance of Spiritual Director, Tulku Karzang Rinpoche. We work under the direction of our teachers to bring the wisdom and blessings of the lineage to all.

Our main focus is Longchen Nyingthig Dzogpa Chenpo, according to the Great Master, Khenpo Münsel Rinpoche and other great lamas from Kathok, and Traling which are our head monasteries.

We also have other practices such as Green Tara, Pho'wa practice,  contemplation on the Heart Sutra as well as reading and reflecting on the Thirty Seven Practices of the Bodhisattva. Guru Yoga and feast offerings (tsok offerings) of Guru Rinpoche and Longchenpa are also important part of our practice.

Our main motivation is to use all of the activities performed here, such things as meditation and active service, to purify our own obscurations and generate merit and wisdom and to realize the true meaning of Guru Yoga as the great Longchenpa advised.

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Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre

We also offer basic open meditation sessions to all levels of practitioners.

This includes the practice of simple techniques focused on how to manage ones own thoughts and emotions in order to increase general well-being and to thus have a greater sense of how to cope with life's ups and downs.

This may also decrease stress and anxiety and help to manage addictive tendencies, neutralizing and transforming negative habits into positive, thriving habits.

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Nygondro Practice

This is a foundational Tibetan Meditation practice that is a prerequisite for access to the more advanced teachings and practices of this lineage. If you have your own text, bell and dorje, and mandala pan please bring them, if not, you can borrow some from the temple. Open to practicing Buddhists who have taken Refuge

Tara Practice

Green Tara is a female Buddha who swiftly comes to the aid of those who beseech her for protection. She has vowed to benefit those suffering from illness, mental and emotional pain, dangerous situations and all types of calamity. Please bring flower petals and flowers to help practice generosity. If you want to practice the cleansing, purifying aspect more deeply restrain from eating meat, garlic or onions for day (s) of practice.

Shower of Blessings 'Tsok' Practice

This practice develops and deepens your connection with Guru Rinpoche, all Teachers and enlightened beings. Guru Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava, brought Buddhism from India to Tibet in the 8th century and is especially revered by practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. Guru Rinpoche promised, “I will come to remove the suffering of the people on the tenth day of every moon. Do not forget to pray.” Guru Rinpoche Day is one of the two main monthly rituals within Vajrayana Buddhism. It is very beneficial to do this practice everyday, but especially on the 10th day.

Guru Vision
"You are the noble lord of the assembly of outer śrāvakas,
Inner bodhisattvas, and secret ḍākas and ḍākinīs.
To you, sovereign Guru of the foremost assembly of ḍākinīs,
I pray: dispel the outer and inner obstacles!"
Chokyur Dechen Lingpa



Guru Yoga Practice

The teachers at Tra Ling Monastery emphasize the value and importance of guru yoga practice utilizing the support of the Guru Rinpoche statue and shrine. The shrine was conceived and built by Lingtrul Rinpoche to exacting traditional spiritual standards and proper motivation was observed throughout and as a result we are all lucky to be able to practice within a globally significant spiritual pilgrimage site. This  guru yoga practice is both simple and accessible to beginners and both profound and powerful for experienced practitioners. Come and join the community as we recite the the 7 line prayer and repeat the Guru Rinpoche mantra mixing both simple seated mediation with kora practice (walking meditation around the temple). Lets use our collective energy and dedication to send peace and light to all Sentient beings.Guru Yoga practice is also a very active practice used to help us during serious illness and transition at end of life. This practice can be done by the person passing and family, friends and care aids, to bring more presence and love and less pain to all involved.

Heart Sutra Practice

The Heart Sutra is one of the key teachings provided by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the second turning of the wheel of dharma and it expounds a profound yet simple declaration of the perfection of wisdom. This practice consists of the reading of the Heart Sutra, chanting of the mantra and intermittent periods of reflection and meditation. It is accessible to practitioners at all levels using a manual compiled by Tulku Karzang specifically for this practice.

Full Moon Practice

At the time of the full moon there is increased energy for dharma practice. Join with other meditators to perform sitting and/or walking meditation, prostrations, mantra recitation, etc. The Shrine will be open for your self directed practice. Come and practice in your choice of ways to utilize the energies of the full moon. Circumnabulations, mantras, prostrations-all will increase peace of mind, devotion and merit. This is an excellent chance to practice for those who enjoy our open meditation sessions .

P'howa Practice

This is a key practice in our Nyingma lineage and proceeds from very pure transmissions. P'howa practice at the centre is only available to those who have taken refuge in some form of Buddhist practice and have a foundational understanding of the Buddhist principles. The practice prepares students for the transferral of consciousness at the time of death to a pure state-Amitabha's Dewa Chen, through repetitive performance of the rituals and deity visualizaton.

Golden Light

I feel that all my precious lamas have given me a gift of light and yet my main inspiration is coming directly and powerfully through His Holiness Kathok Getse Rinpoche. Most of the work I am doing here is inspired by His Holiness. For example, some people think that I am obsessed with gold, and, in fact, I may be, but the foundation of this is in a profound inspiration from His Holiness.

In fact, life is like a river, many memories flow away like water, yet some memories are like stones in the bottom of the water, like stones that stay and with  time slowly precipitate the cloudiness of the water and gradually it becomes clear. One incredibly beautiful warm afternoon that I spent with His Holiness remains fresh in my memory. As usual, we chatted casually and laughed heartily. In the middle of the conversation about a construction project ongoing at that time in the center, Rinpoche, who had been lounging on a bench, unexpectedly straightened up, his kind face suddenly looked a little serious, and then with his usual warm smile he said, "You should have plated it with gold, you have so much gold...its qualities are so pure and stainless. At that moment, the sun came in through the window and shone on Rinpoche. It seemed to me that he was golden in colour, stately as a Buddha, and radiating warmth. It is still in my memory, and so I try to create this golden world as much as I can because I feel that this is Rinpoche's blessing and his prophecy. I have never felt that Rinpoche was joking. If someone asks me: what is the color of Bodhicitta, I will have to say it should be golden! This inspiration from H.H. Getse Rinpoche is before me in everything I do. I want to bring that pure and beautiful gold into reality. I have obtained gold substances with great difficulty, overcoming many obstacles.  In the teachings for a Bodhisattva, one of the most profound samadhis is to be able to visualize the qualities of the brilliant golden embodiment of the Buddha. For all of us with a connection to His Holiness Getse Rinpoche, we may overcome our doubts, obscurations and impurities, and obtain the view of his luminescent embodiment, entering into his prophecy and aspirational vision of the golden palace and pure land. There was a feeling that Rinpoche was living in a golden, autumnal world. It is the world made by his aspirations.

Stainless jewel of pure gold, fully accomplished in the overpowering of all phenomena, to you I pay homage, worship, and take refuge!    Karzang Rinpoche