Dharma Treasures

Over the years many many people directly and indirectly, intentionally or unintentionally have noticed that much work has been done to build this place, Kathok Centre, for present and future generations. For an example, the thirteen foot exquisite golden Guru Rinpoche statue is extremely rare and precious, in this world only 25 images were struck from the particular mold from which it was created. This magnificent statue came to us through the inspiration and compassion of H.E. Lingtrul Rinpoche and other great enlightened masters. It was fully consecrated in a three day ceremony with many monks and lamas present including H.H. Late Kathok Getse Rinpoche. It has a special dedication for this continent to overcome negative things, such a war, poverty and famine and to increase positive energies. Clearly, it is of great importance to protect such things as this. Karzang Rinpoche has stated that he has used all his personal resources and connections to bring objects of incredible cultural and spiritual significance to the Centre. He says that outerly, innerly, and secretly everything here is present for those who have a positive connection. Presently,  Kathok Centre is mature and is full of potentials, in the present and for the future. Reality is composed of overlapping worlds, Buddhas and demons overlap, good and evil overlap, wisdom and delusion overlap.... the current environment is exactly in the condition where Buddhism believes that everything is going to the dissolution state. There will be a variety of internal, external, secret and other obstacles. Rinpoche says that some evil energy he is not afraid of, but some evil humans make him very worried! Secular problems can only be solved in a secular way. Therefore, improving protection measures is the most important thing for the center. He hopes you can understand as he now feels more heavily the responsibility to care for, protect and ensure the stability of this place. Recently some unpleasant situations arose. We are so grateful that most people are definitely helping in a positive way and trying to bring the centre to a higher level.  Unfortunately, at the same time there are some wild and uncontrolled energies surrounding us. In view of this. our current security system is inadequate to meet our needs. Rinpoche would like to use this opportunity during the pandemic lockdown to engage in fund raising through our spiritual connections by releasing some very sacred and precious objects including one or two of his personal items. These include wall hangings and thangkas from our old temple and other offerings that have come in from many devoted people including some pieces of jewelry. These objects have all been fully consecrated and have the blessing of having been present in the temple. Rinpoche does not consider this a sale as that is not a part of our tradition and we never sell any representations of the Buddha’s body, speech and mind. We strongly insist on this and adhere to it.  This fund raising should be viewed as an exchange of energies for those with devotion and a connection to the great Kathok linage. Rinpoche encourages you to not take this as an ordinary transaction of buying, selling and trade. This could bring some joy and potential into your life during this difficult time. It is an intersection of the material and spiritual worlds and so hopefully is transcendent.


May all beings benefit!

The color and size of these the items as depicted  in the photographs on this page may not be completely consistent with the actual objects.

If you are interested in joining in with this fundraiser and acquiring one of the beautiful dharma treasures pictured below please phone 250 240 4386 for details.

                   Wrathful Deity Mask

1. Sorry, this has been taken!!  Wooden beautifully carved mask of a wrathful deity, this was in the temple for a long time. It was an offering from a devoted person. It would be perfect for a wall or over the top of a door. Rinpoche says that it definitely has got the power to overcome negative energy. Approx. 13x17” 

Guru Rinpoche Thankgka

2. Sorry, this has been taken! Guru Rinpoche Thangka, originally from Tibet. It depicts Guru Rinpoche with the two dakinis, Yeshe Tsogyal and Mandarava. It is traditionally framed in Tibetan brocade. Rinpoche says that he personally very much values this thangka as it is one of the original furnishings at Kathok Centre and has been a part of the original inspiration. Overall size:52x36” Image: 22.5x16”


3. Sorry, this item is taken !!!  Four Armed Chenrezig thangka. This thangka is an authentic painting, not a print. It was an offering from a generous friend. It is in very good condition and is also in a traditional brocade frame.Image: 22x17, Overall, 49x31”

Peldan Llahmo
                             Palden Lhamo

4. Sorry, this item is taken !!! Palden Lhamo Thangka done in silk applique. In excellent condition and traditionally framed in authentic brocade. Palden Lhamo is one of the Kathok protectors and is particularly revered in the area of Golok. Image area: 24x18.5”  With brocade frame: 47x33”

Buddha Field Thangha
                                  Buddha Field Thangka

5. Sorry this item is taken!!  Buddha Field Thangka, hand painted thangka with amazing extreme detail. This piece is in excellent condition and was an offering from a very kind person. Rinpoche says this item is indeed at the Kathok level, the very highest level. 52x33, Image size: 28x19.5 Buddha Field Thangka, hand painted thangka with amazing extreme detail. This piece is in excellent condition and was an offering from a very kind person. Rinpoche says this item is indeed at the Kathok level, the very highest level. 52x33, Image size: 28x19.5

Mandala Green Brocade Frame
                                      Mandala Thangka

6. Sorry, this item is taken !!!  Mandala Thangka, hand painted, beautiful green brocade frame. 21x18”  Image: 7.5x8.5

Small Buddha Thangka
                                   Buddha Thangka

7. Sorry, this has been taken!  Small Buddha Thangka, hand painted, brocade frame. Ideal for person with limited space. 13x14”  Image: 5x6.5"

Tara Thangka

8. Sorry, this has been taken!  Small Green Tara print in thangka style, with brocade frame. 11x13” Image area: 4x6"

Chod drum
                                    Chöd Damaru


9. Sorry, this item is taken!!   Antique Wooden Chöd Damaru 9.5” diameter 

Large wall hangings
                            Large Wall Hangings

10. Set of large traditional Tibetan applique wall hangings, brocade with tassels and quality fabric in excellent condition, were in the temple for a long time. Again, offered by someone with a very kind heart. 7’x25” 

Smaller wall hangings
                          Brocade Wall Hangings


11. Set Of Brocade Wall Hangings From Tibet. Beautiful crafted with  snow lion crests and elaborate tassels. 60x14”  

Ceiling hangings


12.  Set of large ceiling textile hangings that were in the temple for many, many years. These were originally from Nepal and are in very good condition. Should be ironed or steamed for optimal display. 8x17”


13. Sorry, this item is taken!!  Rinpoche’s Personal Mala. A profound connection to our lama. Hand crafted of rosewood and used extensively by our precious teacher. 



14. Sorry, this has been taken!  Beautiful Ceremonial Dagger (phurba) made of iron. From Tibet. 6”

Prayer Wheel
                                  Prayer Wheel

15. Sorry, this item is taken !!!  Beautiful Traditional Prayer Wheel filled with mantras, one of Karzang Rinpoche’s personal possessions. 10”x3.5  



Small jade and gold pendant

Small jade and gold circle pendent

Eagle charm
                               Gold Eagle Charm

Sorry, this has been taken! Gold eagle pendent/charm

Libra Charm
                                 Gold Libra Charm

Sorry, this has been taken!  Gold libra pendent/charm