Kathok Monastery

Kathok Dorje Den, is in Kham, Tibet and is over 840 years old. (It was established sometime around 1159-1162 c.e.). The founder of Kathok Monastery was Kathok Kadampa Deshek, (1112-1192 c.e.) Among his immediate successors were Tsangtun Dorje and Jampabum. The supreme energy of Kathok Monastery was like a great sun at its zenith in the time of the fifth abbot, Yeshe Bum. During this time there were 180,000 practitioners and lamas surrounding the monastery. Thousands of them attained the rainbow body. Kathok Dorje Den is considered in Tibetan Buddhism to be the most sacred of monasteries in Tibet. It is a precious treasure like Bodh Gaya in India. After centuries of carrying on the lineage, in the seventeenth century, the great treasure revealer, Ringdzin Duddul Dorje and his disciple, Vajradara Longsal Ningpo renewed the energies of the great lineage. Of the many great disciples of Duddul Dorje, Kunsang Sherab began Payul Monastery, which later on became a very important lineage in Nyingma tradition and Pema Ringzen created the Dzogchen monastery.....yet from all of these great masters of Kathok history the treasure revealer, Longsal Nyingpo, is outstanding. Through his past life connections with Guru Rinpoche, and as Guru Rinpoche prohesized, he revealed many sacred texts and substances and carried on the lineage accordingly. From the record of history we know that on the original spot where Kathok monastary is located, Guru Rinpoche and his 25 disciples practiced for 25 days and consecrated the ground 13 times. There are many miraculous signs there such as the handprints and footprints of Guru Rinpoche in solid rock. This was a land of great bliss where the dakinis danced and left footprints on top of the huge rocks. Also, the great translator, Vairotsana, when he was exiled to Gyarong practiced at the future site of Kathok Dorje Den for one month. Kathok Monastery practices include both tantra and sutra. There are many, many precious texts in this tradition. The master, Siddhi Choggie Sangye was a student of Ridgzen Jigme Lingpa and brought the Long-Chen Nying-Thig practices to Kathok Dorje Den. After all of this, through the inspiration of great masters and the power of dharma protectors, the Kathok  lineage is advancing very strongly and more powerfully in these degenerating times. There are now over 300 Kathok monasteries and centers around the world. Many, many great Masters and teachers of Kathok  still remain alive and are continuously carrying on the precious lineage.

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Tra Ling Monastery

Tra Ling Monastery in Golok, Tibet is  a very important branch monastery from Kathok Dorje Den. This monastery has about two hundred years of history. The founder of the monastary was the great Ling Lama Vajradara Chogyi  Dorje, who was the previous incarnation of the H.E. Lingtrul Rinpoche. It houses about 600 monks. Several nuns and lay practitioners also live close by. The Ling Lama's residence and a many retreat residences overlook the monastery. Over the two hundred years and even in the time of the social transference it still kept a very close and pure connection to Kathok Dorje Den. Tra Ling Monastary carries the  practices, ceremonies and  rituals of the Kathok traditions most diligently and purely. Since the great Ling Lama's time there have been many authentic Kathok Masters who have come to Tra Ling to give teachings and take up residence, such as the great, Kathok Siddhi Rinpoche, Kathok Chatsa Rinpoche, Kathok Mot'sa Rinpoche..... There is much communication between the two monasteries and lineage holders and scholars move back and forth.  By the power of the great Ling Lama's aspiration and the disciple's pure motivation and intention Tra Ling Monastery continues to expand in every sense, Many famous lamas in residence at Tra Ling, such as Dzogchen Master, Khenchen Pema Lodol and Tenpai Nyima Rinpoche still remain alive and continue to give endless guidance to sentient beings. Many remarkable temples and landmarks are also part of the Monastery.