Spiritual Founder V.V. Lingtrul Rinpoche
Spiritual Director, Karzang Rinpoche
  "As a buddhist, the impermanence of the inner and outer worlds should occupy an important place in the mind. In particular, the vajrayana follower's sense of impermanence should be even stronger than any other emotions or feelings. Only in this way may compassion and wisdom  not become empty words. Happiness will not be exhausted or numb. Because it is possible that every present moment is your last moment on earth, I'm sure you don't want your final attitude towards this wonderful world to be deficient. You must not let negative or sad feelings take your last days away. I have very sincerly written this paragraph of text. I know you might think this isn't a very brilliant insight but I still hope you are able to read it and feel it. Because we are in a mundane normal life and also the so-called practice life, many many problems appear. In fact, much of this is because there is no perception of impermanence. Of course, this includes emotional ups and downs. Impermanence is not a pessimistic negative emotion but a kind of power, a kind of warmth in a sad world... The sense of impermanence is also one of the most important factors of spiritual awakening and is  indispensable to true consciousness. Let me share this with you. Let us cultivate impermanence as a true breakthrough in life. From now on, may we have true compassion, true wisdom, true awakening, and true happiness on this journey to liberation and to enlightenment! Happiness supported by a sense of impermanence is sustainable happiness in its true sense. "
May vast happiness saturate the world!


Welcome to Kathok Drub Dey Öd Sel Ling

Tibetan Buddhist Meditation Centre


IMPORTANT: Due to current health advisories, the Centre has suspended all activities until further notice. This includes all practices, open shrine events and work bees. May all beings be well!

To all who are reached by this message: we are all human, no matter what color, no matter what religion, no matter where you come from, our human nature is the same, our emotions are the same.

In the current situation, there is really no need to trace the source of the coronavirus, but we must recognise and accept the fact is that it has come and truly affects the lives, bodies and minds of millions of people. This is our common humanitarian disaster! Also, we must face the dilemma together. Fortunately, you are lucky, because the national infrastructure here is very mature. Policy makers are also trying to think for the public, and we may believe that there will be better, more convenient and more humane policies made in the interests of the public. All we can do is listen to the arrangements made and work hard to cooperate with the government protocols.

Do as much self-isolation as possible under the conditions that allow. As a practitioner, this is a very good opportunity to really face the reality and feel life and feel the impermanence of everything. Truly face the heart, face the delusion, face the fear. Take this opportunity to feel the value of life and its equality. Take this opportunity to train your body and mind. Body and mind, health and emotions are like a balance, the most important conditions to end are desire and fear. Any increase or decrease at either end will cause the equilibrium to be completely out of balance.

Throughout human history, many, many miracles have occurred because of the warmth of human hearts and the power of prayer. So now we should pray, we should pray sincerely, we should pray with equanimity. Pray for all living beings in the world. Pray to Guru Rinpoche. Pray to Tara, pray to any god you believe in may all sentient beings be free from physical ailments and mental fears. It's a very difficult time, but it's also a time of hope, a time when all human beings, regardless of rank are fighting the virus and thinking about other beings.

As a man who has experienced a lot of hardships, I can feel our common confidence and high spirits. It is like a torch, even when put down, the flame is still burning up. Therefore, the fire of hope will not be extinguished by difficulties. Let's pray with the qualities of bodhisattvas: may all the medicines in the world have the power to cure diseases. All living beings can initiate spiritual cultivation and great development, all evil things can return to good nature, all living beings can get the warmth of love and compassion.

In order to cooperate with the community, it is our duty here at the Centre to suspend all public activities. We will be open for the public at the right time depending on the situation. Thanks for your understanding. Too much panic and too much paranoia is not a good state, but take this seriously, be careful and be humble! Pray for all humanity and pray for yourselves.

May All Beings Be Happy!
Karzang Rinpoche

Kathok Centre offers traditional Tibetan Buddhist meditation practices in accordance with the Kathok Nyingma Lineage.Through the inspiration of the profound lineage of Dzogpa Chenpo Longchen Nyingthig, the Centre is dedicated to creating the opportunity for everyone to utilize and integrate these timeless, humanitarian, spiritual values into their daily lives. The highest Buddhist goal is to attain and maintain the state of perfect union of compassion and wisdom in order to benefit oneself and others. This is the path and our collective aspiration here at Kathok Centre. 

We are a registered Canadian charitable organization and fully rely on the generous offerings of practitioners and patrons to maintain and conduct the affairs of the Centre. We are able to provide tax deductable receipts for legitimate offerings. Thank you-may all beings benefit!

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