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The Global Project for World Peace


'If you want to look into your past life, look at your present conditions. If you want to look at your future life look at your present actions.'
- Guru Rinpoche

'Although my view is higher than the sky. My respect for the cause and effect of actions is as fine as grains of flour.'
- Guru Rinpoche




Shrine Altar, 2018      


              The Guru Rinpoche Statue in the Golden Shrine has progressed continueously.



After 6 years of volunteers working their weekends the beautiful large statue of the Buddha, Guru Rinpoche, is at the Temple site in Qualicum, B.C. The 15 foot statue has been especially made to order and is one of 25 being placed in strategic locations around the world to bring about greater world peace, and help balance the energy of our planet.

It is said that simply seeing one of the Golden Buddha's for a second will ease one's suffering and bring great benefit to all aspects of one's life, Buddhists and non Buddhists alike. Even though it is yet to be completed, the site is already a place people of all faiths and traditions come to relax and feel the amazing positive energy flow into their lives.

Great Video of the building process:

See Video of first posts going up              

Statues of Jigme Lingpa and Longchenpa, disciples of Guru Rinpoche, have been custom made, delivered and consecrated by Lingtrul Rinpoche (an emination of Longchenpa) September 2014 and placed either side of Guru Rinpoche June 2015

 Lama Sonam working October 2015 on Gabules (auras) to go behind Jigme Lingpa and Lonchenpa Statues

Article in local paper, May 25, 2012

'I am present in front of anyone who has faith in me, just as the moon casts its reflection, effortlessly, in any vessel filled with water. ' - Guru Rinpoche

Article of one of the other Statues in Austin, Texas April 28, 2012

Some of the volunteers with Lingtrul Rinpoche

Also much appreciation to Scott Kemp, David McBride, Dana Baetz and Trevor Jones for their help in designing, building and donating materials for the shrine building to house and protect this original representation of peace and enlightenment. And more Thanks to Trevor Jones, Shawn Heslip, Neil Freidheim, Chris Duckworth and Steve Ayers for their ever present and consistent efforts at all the work bees.

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'Who, we may ask, is Guru Rinpoche? In the Dharmakaya, the absolute level, he is Buddha Amitabha. In the Sambhogakaya, the level of divine enjoyment, he is Chenrezik. In the Nirmanakaya, the level of manifestation, he is the Lotus-Born: Guru Pedma Jungne, who appeared in this degenerate age when sentient beings, obscured by the afflictions of gross negative emotions and erroneous views, are disinclined to practice the sublime Dharma. In this dark age, beings are afflicted with the three calamities of sickness, famine, and warfare. It is in such an age that Guru Padmasambhava manifested as the embodiment of all the Buddhas.' - H.H. Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche.

And to Khandro Yeshe Tsogyal, the precious Guru Rinpoche affirms: 'If anyone who has faith, devotion and a connection with me prays with yearning, the force of their aspiration will ensure my compassion to reach them in a heart beat. So pray Tsogyal, continuously and with devotion. '

Letter from Lingtrul Rinpoche: August 2, 2010

To my Dharma Friends:

I am very excited to announce that the Guru Rinpoche statue will arrive on Vancouver Island in about 5-6 months. The Buddhas of the past predicted these times of degeneration, but whoever has faith and devotion and fervently prays to Guru Rinpoche will receive inconceivable blessings. In this way this statue will not only be of benefit for this present generation but for all future generations. There is no more profound way to pacify obstacles.

Many people in many other countries requested this statue, but I feel that it will be of most benefit in Canada. I have no worldly desire to build this statue which is a small project in comparison to other greater lamas activities, however the actual physical size of the project is not important what matters is our attitude in the beginning, the middle and the end. If our samaya and intention are always 100% pure, the benefit will be very great! I will try to be in Canada during the building process as often as I can, but Karzang Rinpoche will be available in my absence. - Lingtrul Rinpoche

Lingtrul Rinpoche has asked our sangha to prepare the building where the statue will be housed. He has humbly and purely requested all of us to keep our own motivation pure and with enthusiasm use the preparation of this building as part of our spiritual practice. He is encouraging everyone to be involved in whatever way we can. Rinpoche is putting his energy into this project, sponsors from all over the world are excited to contribute, and we, the local sangha, have this amazing opportunity to actually get our hands in the clay by helping and to accumulate merit. Perhaps you can help dig holes or weed; perhaps you can bring food for the artists when they come; perhaps supply building materials. There will be many ways to contribute and make the amazing karmic connection for your own benefit and to benefit others.

Rinpoche wants everyone to understand deeply the interdependent connection between all of us and how we all depend on each other. He gave the example of how people are interconnected and how much benefit can blossom from their connection: Jane and David have kindly sponsored the land, Sherab Dorje and Samye are always willing to help at Kathok Gonpa, our local sangha and also many in the local community are generous in so many ways. Rinpoche points out that without this profound interdependent connection nothing would work. And he said that this is just one of many examples he could have given. We are all interconnected and all important, irreplaceable parts of the Kathok Centre activities.

Rinpoche would like to express his very deep gratitude to everyone who contributes to Kathok Centre. He knows how much work is continually ongoing behind the scenes and acknowledges all this effort with much thanks.