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All gift shop items have been blessed and purified by our Spiritual Director, Karzang Rinpoche.

Heartfelt Message 

This humble gift shop has been built by many people with sincerity and love. The purpose is not to profit but to better maintain and perpetuate all activities of this spiritual shrine and to enable more people to feel and share good thoughts and joy! Your purchase of a small gift is actually an offering to this holy place. It can certainly be said that your purchase is, in fact, an indirect investment in your spirit!

The main view of Buddhism is the interdependent connection of all phenomena. It is our original intention to provide ways to help create connections so that people may develop happiness and wisdom, and share it with others.

As the Buddha said, “the way to save a drop of water is to put it into the sea so it can last forever”. Each of our individual intentions is like a drop of water and offering is a way to save those individual drops into the ocean of immeasurable love, (perfect state of enlightenment).

May all beings find ultimate happiness and the true causes of happiness. Every gift here is consecrated and blessed according to the Vajrayana tradition.


Karzang Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of Kathok Centre  

Correct change is not available, if you are a little short or a little over, it is all part of the offering. Let it be.

Our beautiful new shop is ready for your enjoyment! 



An assortment of singing bowls is available.

Authentic offering dishes or containers

Bobble monks and mala combo!