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Open Shrine Schedule for March

IMPORTANT: Due to current health advisories, the Centre has suspended all activities until further notice. This includes all practices, open shrine events and work bees.
May all beings be well!

In accordance with the wishes of our Lama, and in order for all to form a positive, meditative connection, all open events are opportunities to practice silence around and in the Golden Shrine and in the surrounding grounds. A volunteer will be present to respond to questions.

Gift Shop Open after practice events and during Open Shrine.

 Thank you for any offering you are able to make. Our center operates completely through volunteer efforts and offerings.

'We are Buddhists so we don't go around telling other people what to do or not do. We practice watching our own minds and actions and do our best to be happy and joyful. Being truely joyful is a most accomplished sign your practice is working. ' 

- Karzang Rinpoche, Tara Retreat Oct 7, 2018*

Lingtrul Rinpoche with Kathok Mot'sa Rinpoche, December 2017

*‚ÄčYou may take photos outside, but please, no photos inside Temples.

Notes for Newcomers

In order to observe proper conduct please remove shoes and hats before entering the Temples.

Please wear respectful clothing with your legs, chest & shoulders covered.

It is considered bad luck to greet the Deity empty handed, so for the most beneficial and opportune visit you can offer fresh flowers or a 'kata' (white silk scarf available in the temple & gift shop) as you make positive aspirations for yourself and/or others.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for all practices. Gate will be locked during sessions in order to preserve the peaceful atmosphere.

Open Meditation sessions are 1hr. Most other practices do not necessarily have a determinate end time. 

Please keep recitation texts on a table (not on the floor).

Please keep talking to a minimum.

Please do not point your feet at the Buddhas or other sacred objects in the Temples.

If you are not comfortable sitting on cushions please sit on the benches available or bring your own folding chair.

Please put your cell phone in airplane mode and no photos inside Temples.

All visiting dogs must stay in car park area and on leash.

The purpose of Kathok Centre is to help us all become healthier in mind, heart and body. To best facilitate this please keep your mind and body free of intoxicants including alcohol, cigarettes and marijuana. If you are intoxicated or behaving disrespectfully you will be asked to leave.

Please enjoy your quiet, sacred times at the Temple!

Please visit the teachings page of this website for more information and the wisdom of our teachers.

Offering butter lamps & prayers for those ill, dying & passed


We practice and make offerings to purify obscurations and accumulate vast merit for ourselves and others. This has the power to bless and transform our dualistic confusion into pristine awareness. You can make offerings on behalf of yourself and others also. By making offerings you also create the causes for the future results of becoming wealthy and becoming naturally and spontaneously generous. Butter lamps are offerings of pure, positive light for people who are sick or struggling in their lives, in the dying process or who have already recently passed.

Offerings of butter lamps and prayers are a dedication to the dead in order to guide them through the bardo. The light of the butter lamps symbolizes wisdom and removing the darkness of ignorance. This can be done in the immediate event of a loved ones passing, or any time. With your request of butter lamps and prayers you can include a photo and name of the deceased and we will light the lamp and request the Lama's prayers. Your offering will provide merit and a pure connection with the enlightened energy of this holy place. Also, this helps us to maintain the activities and the sacred nature of the environment.

To see video of events and teachings at Kathok Centre click here



Events and Announcements        

All are welcome to come and work joyfully together at the Centre. Rinpoche has scheduled official work bees on  coming Sundays. (Scroll to see schedule below). He says that we should use these opportunities as practice and he also reminds us to read the Manual for Volunteers that is on the bookshelf in the community room as a way to focus our experience each day. All are welcome. Note that due to currrent health concerns, lunches will not be provided. If you are a newcomer and would like to join in please email .


Enjoy the beauty of the Centre and grounds, come to weekly practices and/or connect with the positive energies of the weekly workbees. Check the calendar below for our hours and activities.


Two newly translated teachings from Ven. Lingtrul Rinpoche are now available on the teachings page of this website. They are entitled, The Four Thoughts That Turn the Mind and Heart Advice from Ven. Lingtrul Rinpoche. Be uplifted and enjoy this light on the path.

Please follow the link below or email for a powerful message from Karzang Rinpoche on volunteering. He explains the correct attitude and the inner meaning of work done for the benefit of all beings.

Advice to Volunteers

Follow this link for an Excerpt from the Life and Liberation of Padmasambhava that illuminates the relationship of disciple and Guru.

See teachings page, The Story of the Monks and No Water for an instructive and light hearted exhortation from Tulku Karzang Rinpoche.

Please check website frequently for possible updates and/or cancellations.

“You hear a lot of people talk about compassion, wisdom, and guru yoga but my question is-without proper effort what does that really mean?  Without effort there is no compassion and no wisdom. According to my understanding until you are completely free from your own self and emotions, benefitting others is just a joke, an excuse for exerting your personal ego. “  Karzang Rinpoche, April 01, 2019

IMPORTANT: all practices and open shrine events are suspended until further notice due to current health precautions

"Guru Yoga is the only thing powerful enough to break through the chains of samaya."

Tulku Karzang Rinpoche, January 29, 2020


Video of Consecration of Kathok Centre Click here


To help us all enjoy of the sacredness of Kathok Centre, the main temple is only to be accessed during scheduled practices. 

Please observe all signs, rules and guide lines 
while on the Temple property
as there are Teachers in residence and students in retreat. 
Thank you, everyone, for honoring this sacred space.

We operate entirely through volunteer efforts and offerings and invite your participation in keeping the Center glowing and growing. 

Thank you for any way, and for all of the ways, you make a positive connection to the Centre. 

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See article in Northwest Dharma about the Golden Shrine!

Description of Various Practices 

please visit our teachings page for an informative document (When Bringing an Offering) that describes how to make pure offerings. 

Open Meditation: 1hr Guided meditation with emphasis on the breath. Learn the basics of seating posture whether in a chair or on a cushion. Bringing mindfulness to the body begins to quiet the mind. Reduce the effects of stress, lower your blood pressure naturally and boost your immune system. This is the basic foundation of any spiritual practice, for all faiths and is stabilizing the ground from which we can grow on all levels. Learn key essentials for learning to watch your own thoughts and emotions, helping you deal with all life's stressors including death and illness, addictions & anxiety in a healthy, kind and gentle way. 

Life Releases: This is a traditional Buddhist practice to purify the negative karma from inadvertently or intentionally killing living creatures (even bugs we don't realize we've stepped on, driven over etc. )  Also by practicing the life release you are able to purify life obscurations and stabilize life energy. This is a powerful way to help others who may be ill or suffering by dedication of the energy. For benefits of performing Life Releases click here

For all meditation practices listed below prayers are chanted in English and Tibetan and English transliteration and translations are provided.

Nygondro Practice: This is a foundational Tibetan Meditation practice that is a prerequisite for access to the more advanced teachings and practices of this lineage. If you have your own text, bell and dorje, and mandala pan please bring them, if not, you can borrow some from the temple. Open to practicing Buddhists who have taken Refuge

Tara Practice: Green Tara is a female Buddha who swiftly comes to the aid of those who beseech her for protection. She has vowed to benefit those suffering from illness, mental and emotional pain, dangerous situations and all types of calamity. Please bring flower petals and flowers to help practice generosity. If you want to practice the cleansing, purifying aspect more deeply restrain from eating meat, garlic or onions for day (s) of practice. 

Shower of Blessings 'Tsok' Practice: This practice develops and deepens your connection with Guru Rinpoche, all Teachers and enlightened beings. Guru Rinpoche, or Padmasambhava, brought Buddhism from India to Tibet in the 8th century and is especially revered by practitioners of Tibetan Buddhism. Guru Rinpoche promised, “I will come to remove the suffering of the people on the tenth day of every moon. Do not forget to pray.” Guru Rinpoche Day is one of the two main monthly rituals within Vajrayana Buddhism. It is very beneficial to do this practice everyday, but especially on the 10th day. 

Guru Yoga practice: The teachers at Tra Ling Monastery emphasize the value and importance of guru yoga practice utilizing the support of the Guru Rinpoche statue and shrine. The shrine was conceived and built by Lingtrul Rinpoche to exacting traditional spiritual standards and proper motivation was observed throughout and as a result we are all lucky to be able to practice within a globally significant spiritual pilgrimage site. This  guru yoga practice is both simple and accessible to beginners and both profound and powerful for experienced practitioners. Come and join the community as we recite the the 7 line prayer and repeat the Guru Rinpoche mantra mixing both simple seated mediation with kora practice (walking meditation around the temple). Lets use our collective energy and dedication to send peace and light to all Sentient beings.Guru Yoga practice is also a very active practice used to help us during serious illness and transition at end of life. This practice can be done by the person passing and family, friends and care aids, to bring more presence and love and less pain to all involved.

Heart Sutra Practice: The Heart Sutra is one of the key teachings provided by the Buddha Shakyamuni in the second turning of the wheel of dharma and it expounds a profound yet simple declaration of the perfection of wisdom. This practice consists of the reading of the Heart Sutra, chanting of the mantra and intermittent periods of reflection and meditation. It is accessible to practitioners at all levels using a manual compiled by Tulku Karzang specifically for this practice.

Full Moon Practice: At the time of the full moon there is increased energy for dharma practice. Join with other meditators to perform sitting and/or walking meditation, prostrations, mantra recitation, etc. The Shrine will be open for your self directed practice. Come and practice in your choice of ways to utilize the energies of the full moon. Circumnabulations, mantras, prostrations-all will increase peace of mind, devotion and merit. This is an excellent chance to practice for those who enjoy our open meditation sessions .

P'howa Practice:This is a key practice in our Nyingma lineage and proceeds from very pure transmissions. P'howa practice at the centre is only available to those who have taken refuge in some form of Buddhist practice and have a foundational understanding of the Buddhist principles. The practice prepares students for the transferral of consciousness at the time of death to a pure state-Amitabha's Dewa Chen, through repetitive performance of the rituals and deity visualizaton.

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